In memory of Helmut Hübener

An exhibition design project by
Julia Bilenko
Felix Bonge
Hee Yong Kim

Helmuth Hübener was a young apprentice at the Hamburg Social Authority in Germany, who listened to BBC radio broadcasts and spread anti-Nazi leaflets during World War II. Eventually he got caught by the Gestapo (secret police) and was executed on October 27, 1942. He was 17 years old.

In order to commemorate and honor Helmuth Hübener's brave deed, this exhibition project was initiated by the Center for Education and Training (Zentrum für Aus- und Fortbildung) in Hamburg, Germany, collaborating with students from the design department of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The complete exhibition is designed in black and white to express the tragic story of a young man in the darkest chapter of german history. The slanted lines in the background and textsrepresent feelings of interference, disquiet and torn-apart, which also coincide with Helmuth Hübener's life.

There are three sections in this exhibition design: Hübener's life in generalwith memoirs from the people he knew, what he did against the Nazi regime and his trial to deathsentence, and newspaper articles about Hübener and what his action means to us all.

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